LA production of "You Are Perfect" opens at The Actor's Company in Hollywood 


Dress of Fire with Austin Pendleton Opens at 13th Repertory theatre 

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Lindsay Danielle Gitter featured on Toronto's "The Morning Show"

Actress Lindsay Danielle Gitter appears on Canada's "The Morning Show" to discuss playing Susan Atkins of Charlie Manson's women in White Horse Theater Company's "You Are Perfect" at the Toronto Fringe.

Listen to Lindsay's interview on News Talk 1010: In-depth radio at CFRB

Check out this trailer of me playing Donna Borup in season 4 of "The Hunt with John Walsh"

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You Are Perfect opens at the Toronto Fringe! 

"At once brave and vulnerable, bold and timid, Gitter does a wonderful job of portraying the sort of desperate passion and hunger for love that could convince a person to become complicit with terrible people and worse acts" Randy McDonald, Mooney on Theatre


Crashlight Opens at the historic cherry lane theatre

"Gitter at her best is at one with the music, a charismatic lead carrying the show with well-tempered skill and emotion" - Jon Sobel, blogcritics